Special Orders

Various Keytags works with corporations, organizations and brands on retail wholesale orders, corporate swag. We also work with customers for their special events and large volume orders as well as designers, artists and other notable brands on product collaborations.

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Customizable Products

For special orders, we can use any of the product formats you see on our website plus a number of other special products that we've been working on but haven't yet released on the website.

  • Keytags

  • Bags & Luggage Tags

  • Charms & Pet Tags

  • Captions

  • Pin Name Tags

  • Magnets

  • Magnet Name Tags

  • Signs

  • Custom Shapes

  • Custom Sizes

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Fully Customizable Engraving

For special orders we can go beyond the normal text.

  • Logos

  • Symbols & Icons

  • Emojis

  • Perforations

  • Other Languages

  • QR Codes & Barcodes

  • Rulers & Etchings

  • Patterns

  • Drawings

  • Typefaces

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Custom Packaging & Display

In addition to beautifully designed products, we can create custom branded packaging and stickers to make the delivery of your item extra special. For retail environments we can also create displays perfect for merchandising.

Special Materials

Beyond our core products made with acrylic we've released products in sterling silver. We continue to test out all sorts of new materials including recycled plastics, other precious metals and natural materials.

Colors & Finishes

Various Keytags products are available in many color combinations. We are regularly coming up with new options and can also do custom color-matching for large special orders as well.

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Limited Editions & Collaborations

Various Keytags works with select Designers, Brands, Artists and Others to curate special collections and Limited Editions. Check out our recent Limited Editions and Collaborations below, and stay tuned for more coming soon!

Corporate & Organization Clients

Various Keytags can easily accommodate large orders and custom versions of our products to fit the many needs of your organization including:

  • Brand Swag & Activation

  • Employee Appreciation

  • Events & Conferences

  • Client Gifts

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Wholesale & Retail Clients

Various Keytags have been sold in hundreds of retail brand locations and online including:

  • Department Stores

  • Boutique & Concept Stores

  • Museum & Gift Shops

  • Retail & Brand Stores

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