How to use QR Codes (and engrave them with Various Keytags)

What's the Buzz About QR Codes?

Have you ever come across those square-shaped barcodes that seem to be popping up everywhere? They're called QR codes, short for Quick Response codes. But what exactly are they and how can they be used to enhance our lives? Let's dive into the fascinating world of QR codes and explore the myriad of possibilities they offer.

Cracking the QR Code

QR codes are like digital passports that bridge the gap between the physical and digital realms. They are encoded with information that can be quickly scanned and accessed using a smartphone or a QR code reader. While traditional QR codes contain text, we are thrilled to introduce a new dimension to the world of engraveable keytags, luggage tags, pet tags, and name tags - the ability to engrave QR codes that link to website URLs!

Unleashing the Potential

With the ability to engrave QR codes, the possibilities are endless. Let's explore some of the exciting use cases:

1. Personal Branding

Looking to make a lasting impression? Engrave a QR code that links to your personal website or online portfolio. It's like handing out your digital business card, allowing others to easily access your work, achievements, and contact information.

2. Business Boost

Business executives and entrepreneurs can leverage QR codes to drive traffic to their company websites or specific landing pages. Imagine attending a conference or networking event and effortlessly sharing your business information with a simple scan. It's a modern and memorable way to make connections and generate leads.

3. Menu Magic

Restaurants can take advantage of QR codes to enhance the dining experience. By engraving QR codes on their menus, patrons can instantly access detailed information about each dish, including ingredients, nutritional facts, and even customer reviews. It adds a touch of tech-savvy sophistication to the dining experience.

4. Social Showcase

Are you a social media enthusiast? Engrave a QR code that links directly to your favorite social profile. Whether it's Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok, let your friends and followers connect with you effortlessly. It's a quirky and fun way to share your online presence.

5. Event Extravaganza

Organizing an event? Engrave QR codes on tickets or promotional materials to provide attendees with instant access to event details, schedules, and exclusive content. It's a convenient and interactive way to engage with your audience and create a memorable experience.

6. Artistic Adventures

Artists and creators can use QR codes to add an extra layer of storytelling to their work. Engrave a QR code on a painting or sculpture, and when scanned, it can lead to a website showcasing the artist's portfolio, behind-the-scenes videos, or even a virtual gallery tour. It's a modern twist on traditional art exhibitions.

7. Educational Endeavors

Teachers and educators can incorporate QR codes into their lesson plans to provide students with additional resources and interactive content. By engraving QR codes on textbooks or handouts, students can access supplementary materials, videos, or online quizzes. It's a playful and engaging way to enhance learning.

8. Travel Tales

Travel enthusiasts can make their journeys even more memorable by engraving QR codes on their luggage tags. These codes can link to a personal travel blog, recommendations for local attractions, or even a custom-made itinerary. It's a unique way to share your adventures with fellow globetrotters.

Seize the QR Code Revolution!

As you can see, QR codes have evolved from simple black and white squares to powerful tools that connect the physical and digital worlds. Whether you're an individual looking to leave a lasting impression, a business executive aiming to boost your brand, or a company seeking innovative ways to engage customers, engraveable QR codes offer endless possibilities.

At Various Keytags, we're excited to offer you the opportunity to add QR codes to our range of engraveable products. Unlock the potential of QR codes and let your creativity soar!

How to Engrave QR Codes on Our Products 

We currently offer the ability to engrave QR codes on one side of our most popular customizable double sided products. To engrave a QR code on a Various Keytags product it's quite easy!

Just go to the double sided version of our custom  [CUSTOM] Keytag (Double Sided)[CUSTOM] Luggage Tag (Double Sided)[CUSTOM] Small Pet Tag (Double Sided), and [CUSTOM] Large Pet Tag (Double Sided). We will use the  [CUSTOM] Luggage Tag (Double Sided) in the instructional images below for illustrative purposes. Above the box that you typically would type text in for the back side of the product, there is an icon with 3 boxes and a QR code looking image as the 4th box... click that icon:

After clicking that icon, the box previously for free form text will change to a box to enter a URL as shown below:

In that URL entry field, enter the URL you wish to use to have a QR code link to. Be sure to use the exact properly formatted URL similar to the example. After you enter a URL, a QR code will be generated in real time and displayed on the product where it will appear. You will have the ability to justify it left, right or center similar to text. 

Please note that this QR code is for display purposes it may different slightly from the one that appears here as our engraving uses a different technology to generate the QR code but both will link to the same URL you entered.

Interested in more QR code features or products?

For wholesale and larger custom orders we may be able to accommodate what you are looking for. For smaller or single item orders, we are always considering new products and features so please let us know your feedback on what other products you would like to engrave QR codes or additional customization capabilities you would be interested in. Just click Chat in the bottom right of the site and let us know what you are thinking!

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