Shantell Martin x Whitney Museum x Various Keytags

Shantell Martin collaborated with Various Keytags to create a custom set of keytags with her recognized style engraved drawings and statements in her own font. There were made for sale through The Whitney Shop, the online store of the Whitney Museum.

Keytags on The Whitney Museum Shop Online

About Shantell Martin

Shantell Martin is a British visual artist, intuitive philosopher, cultural facilitator, teacher, choreographer, songwriter, performer, and more. Best known for her large scale, black-and-white line drawings, she performs many of her drawings for a live audience.

Source: Wikipedia


About The Whitney Museum of American Art

The Whitney Museum of American Art, known informally as "The Whitney", is an art museum in the Meatpacking District and West Village neighborhoods of Manhattan in New York City.

Source: Wikipedia

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