TrendHunter Features Shantell Martin x Various Keytags Luggage Tags

Various Keytags, a New York-based company known for its high-quality, durable, and minimalist luggage tags, recently collaborated with British artist Shantell Martin to create a line of engraved luggage tags that combine Martin's unique artwork with the company's signature tags. The collaboration has gained significant attention, with a recent feature on highlighting the innovative and stylish design of these luggage tags.

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Being featured on is a significant achievement for any product, as it not only exposes the product to a wider audience, but it also signals to consumers that the product is innovative, unique, and worth paying attention to. In the case of the engraved luggage tags collaboration between Martin and Various Keytags, the feature on is a testament to the quality and creativity of the collaboration.

The collaboration between Martin and Various Keytags began with a simple idea: to create a series of engraved tags that would feature Martin's artwork on one side and her signature font on the other. Martin's style is characterized by bold, black-and-white lines and simple, playful shapes that convey a sense of movement, energy, and creativity.

The engraved luggage tags created by Martin and Various Keytags are made from high-quality, durable materials that are designed to last. The tags are made from solid brass or stainless steel, and are available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit different types of luggage. The tags are also customizable, allowing customers to add their own personal touches to the design.

One of the unique features of the engraved luggage tags is the way they combine Martin's artwork with her signature font. On one side of the tag, Martin's artwork is engraved into the metal, creating a bold, striking image that is instantly recognizable. On the other side of the tag, Martin's signature font is used to engrave the owner's name, address, or other information.

The combination of Martin's artwork and font creates a unique and highly personalized luggage tag that is both functional and stylish. The tags are not only easy to spot on a crowded baggage carousel, but they also make a bold statement about the owner's personality and sense of style.

In addition to their functional and aesthetic qualities, the engraved luggage tags created by Martin and Various Keytags also have a deeper meaning. Martin's artwork is often inspired by her personal experiences and her reflections on the world around her. By incorporating her artwork into a functional object like a luggage tag, Martin is able to bring her art into the everyday lives of people around the world.

Similarly, Various Keytags has always been committed to creating products that are not only functional, but also meaningful. The company's minimalist luggage tags are designed to simplify travel and to make it easier for people to navigate the world around them. By collaborating with Martin, Various Keytags is able to add a new layer of meaning to its products, and to create luggage tags that are both functional and inspiring.

The engraved luggage tags created by Martin and Various Keytags have been a hit with customers around the world. People appreciate the tags' durability, simplicity, and aesthetic appeal, as well as the personal touch that comes from having their own name or information engraved on the tag.

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