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[Masanao Hirayama] 02 Keytag

[Masanao Hirayama] 02 Keytag

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Solid Colors
Glow In The Dark
Color: Gloss Black – White
Presenting Masanao Hirayama’s project: 9153

Born in Kobe in 1976, Masanao Hirayama is a painter, drawer and performer based in Tokyo. His works are filled with black lines which, despite their simplicity, stimulate our consciousness or recognition. Masanao Hirayama, formerly known as HIMAA, has explained that he is not interested in depicting specific objects but in letting the viewer see what he/she wants, perhaps calling to mind things such as: Universe, Whirlpools, Abstract, DNA, Fish, Jar, Keyways, Water, Wind, Stone, Banzai, Sleep… Although his lines may appear as if they are drawn quickly and intuitively, they are instead the result of carefully drawing the same image over and over again until he can eliminate his intention and the line becomes unconscious.

Available in three different colors (including Glow-in-the-Dark), w/ Signature and Edition number on the back! 

Limited Edition of 50 in each color.

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